History Malai Charcoal Plant

Our charcoal plant is named Malai Charcoal Plant because the owner of the plant is named Khun Malai. Khun Malai inherited the business from his father many decades ago, who worked in a small coal factory. After Khun Malai took over, he gradually expanded the business, leading to its success today.


Than to become charcoal

Approximately 4,000 mangrove saplings are required to plant 1 rai of land, and additional planting may be necessary if the trees die due to various factors.

After the mangrove wood is cut into 130 cm-long logs, the bark is removed to make the resulting charcoal look beautiful and ensure its hardness and long-lasting burning.

Once the mangroves are cut into 130 cm and the logs are prepared, it’s time to remove the bark.

After that, put it in a dome-shaped oven. There is a small entrance, just enough for one person to go in and out.

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Bring mangrove branches and roots to make fuel.

Maintain the fire for 15 days, which will require staff to monitor the kiln and add fuel continuously.

After 15 days, extinguish the fire and close the door, then wait an additional 15 days before removing the coals from the kiln.

To take the coals out of the oven, you have to smash the closed door first and then slowly go in and take out the coals.

Charcoal Separation Process 

Small size

Diameter 3-4 cm.

Medium size

Diameter 6-7 cm.

Large size

Diameter 8-9 cm.

Remaining coal
from sorting

will be packed and sent in bags or sacks according to customer orders

our product